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We provide you with the space you need to unfold optimally.
Get to know our team and let them personally convince you.

“Hello, I am Mo.

From asphalt to precision – as an originally trained road builder, Aerochemica supported me from the beginning to learn all the skills needed to make the machines dance correctly.
Today, I am the team leader of our machine setters, guiding my colleagues to peak performance with joy every day.”


We are currently seeking 5 new colleagues to join our team:

We also welcome unsolicited applications.

“Hello, I am Gabriela

I love my work at Aerochemica because here, in a familial atmosphere, I can independently research new or optimized formulations and recipes alongside my colleagues.”

“We are currently seeking 0 new team member(s):”

We also welcome unsolicited applications.

“Hello, I am Daniela

I have been working at Aerochemica for 20 years now. Here, I was given the opportunity to complete a commercial apprenticeship as a career changer. Since then, I have learned a lot about our business, become an integral part of the team, and my daily work is highly valued by my colleagues.”


We are currently seeking 1 new team member.

We also welcome unsolicited applications.

“Hello, we are Sebastian and Mark

At Aerochemica, we learned a lot during our apprenticeship as industrial mechanics. We were always supported by our colleagues from the machine setup team. Our performance was so good that we were able to complete our apprenticeship ahead of schedule. We were hired directly by Aerochemica.
Today, we are part of the team!”


We are currently seeking 1 new team member.

Unfortunately, our other apprenticeship positions for this year are already filled … BUT …
You can also apply today for the following apprenticeship positions for the next training year with us:


  • Industrial Clerk
  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Chemical Laboratory Technician

Better together!

This is what Aerochemica’s team success stands for.

At Aerochemica, company culture is a top priority – internally and externally. We offer our employees a secure workplace where everyone can identify with their tasks. We always promote a family-like work atmosphere and the personal motivations of our employees. All teams are involved in active progress and optimization processes. Mutual respect shapes our daily collaboration. We actively combat discrimination and promote diversity and inclusion within our teams.

We look forward to your application

If you want to become part of our team,
feel free to apply here:

Or give us a call at:
02152 8097-120

Your contact person is Mrs. Kreiten.

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