The use of aerosol sprays in the food industry is crucial for efficient and cost-effective utilization of high-quality products. These sprays contain a blend of liquid or powdered ingredients and a propellant, releasing the contents in a fine spray form. This allows for precise and uniform application on food or utensils employed in food production.

Filling aerosol sprays in the food industry demands exactness and adherence to quality, hygiene, and safety protocols to guarantee the efficient and secure nature of the products.

Our in-house laboratory, as well as external testing institutions, conduct suitable in-process controls. To ensure product integrity and prevent contamination, the filling process occurs in a hygienic atmosphere.

AEROCHEMICA satisfactorily fulfills the IFS-Food Standard criteria for food filling.

AEROCHEMICA provides contract filling services for the food industry in various application fields:

Release Agents:
In food processing, aerosol sprays are used as release agents to prevent food from sticking to molds, baking sheets and other surfaces. This is particularly useful for baked goods and confectionery. Here, there are professional as well as consumer variants with different product properties.

Aerosol sprays are used to apply flavors and fragrances to food. We offer both professional and consumer variants, each with different product properties. Flavorings are applied to food using aerosol sprays, allowing precise and controlled dosing of oils, vinegars, or spice extracts on dishes.

Aerosol sprays enhance the presentation of baked goods, desserts, and beverages by allowing the application of fine patterns, flavors, or gloss.

Nonstick Coating:
Aerosol sprays can also be used in pans, cookware, or grills to create a non-stick coating and reduce food sticking.

For the food industry, we offer various products for the food industry, including:

    • Baking Release Spray
    • BBQ Spray
    • Food Coloring Spray
    • Food Supplement
    • Spray Grease

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