Aerosol sprays play a crucial role in medicine by efficiently and precisely utilizing high-quality products while also being cost-effective. The combination of targeted dosing and the potential for fine nebulization allows for a vast range of applications. Medical aerosol sprays comprise a blend of liquid or powder ingredients and a propellant, which releases the contents in a fine spray form, ensuring precise and even application. We also provide propellant-free alternative products. Please contact us for more information!

The filling of aerosol sprays within the medical sector demands the highest care and strict adherence to quality standards.  AEROCHEMICA guarantees compliance with these requirements and fills the sprays with utmost care in hygienic surroundings. We conduct thorough in-process checks in our onsite laboratory and collaborate with external testing facilities. Medical aerosol sprays contain a blend of liquid or powdered components and a propellant that allows for fine atomization or foaming of the

We also provide propellant-free substitutes.

AEROCHEMICA offers contract filling for the medical sector in various application fields:

Wound coverage:
Aerosol sprays provide an opportunity to apply film-forming polymers onto superficial wounds in a fine layer. This layer shields the wound from external factors and supports natural healing.

Local anesthesia:
For blunt injuries, rapid cooling of the affected body part can prevent swelling and ease pain. Cooling sprays work well in sports medicine and while traveling.

Instrument care:
Medical instruments require meticulous care and cleaning to be safe for use on patients.
Proper cleaning and maintenance are necessary to uphold the highest safety standards. At the same time, it is essential to apply the instruments precisely to avoid exposing the high-quality tools to unnecessary influences.

Occlusion and scanning sprays:
In the field of medical technology, aerosol sprays are utilized to simplify the process of digitally scanning surfaces, while in dentistry, occlusion sprays aid in the visualization of contact points.

For the medical industry, we manufacture various products, including:

  • Desinfection Spray
  • Ice Gel Spray
  • Skin Protection Spray
  • Hearing Aid Cleaner
  • Instrument Oil
  • Cold Spray
  • Nasal Sprays
  • Occluspray
  • Orange Solvent
  • Care Foam
  • Spray Plaster
  • Icing Spray
  • WC Seat Disinfection

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