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Located in Kempen on the Lower Rhine for over 25 years

AEROCHEMICA Dr. Deppe GmbH is a contract manufacturer and contract filler for aerosols and liquid products in the fields of household, technology, cosmetics, medical and food sectors.

In addition to pure contract filling, we are constantly developing new formulations in our in-house laboratory – innovative and at the cutting edge of aerosol technology with certifications such as ISO 13485 for medical products, IFS Food certification at the highest level and over 1,000 in-house formulations.

This development expertise, coupled with a deep understanding of the aerosol market and all its regulatory requirements, enables us to offer our customers an all-around service for the manufacture and launch of their aerosol products. Our manufacturing facility combines specialized filling equipment with a high degree of flexibility. This means that, unlike many of our competitors, we can produce small batches of as little as 2,000 cans, making it much easier for our customers to enter the market.

Management of AEROCHEMICA Dr. Deppe GmbH

With effect from 01.09.2023, Lucas Deppe and Sascha Zeller have taken over the management of AEROCHEMICA Dr. Deppe GmbH. This change in the management level will lead to new impulses and fresh commitment for the company. Both bring extensive experience and expertise to their new roles, which will help AEROCHEMICA Dr. Deppe GmbH to achieve its growth objectives.

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We are convinced that the company will continue to innovate and lead us successfully into the future.

Company Philosophy

Since its establishment in 1986, the company’s philosophy has evolved in line with its increasing responsibility towards the environment and its customers. The primary goal of our policy is plant safety. By taking active precautions, we aim to prevent accidents and disruptions to operations. We plan the necessary preventive measures to avert hazards in accordance with the state of the art in safety technology.

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The overall objective is to ensure the safe operation of the entire plant, thereby protecting employees, neighbours, third parties and the environment from the effects of incidents.

Based on plant safety, our customers are at the center of all our commercial efforts. Together with our customers, we face the challenges of the national and international markets. In a spirit of partnership, we want to make our know-how, our products and our solutions available to our customers so that they can be successful in the marketplace. Ethical aspects should also play a decisive role in our actions. We want to be a reliable, open and fair customer to our suppliers.

All products are manufactured to the highest quality standards to meet the requirements of all customers. Our high product quality is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers. It is the prerequisite for the economic success of AEROCHEMICA Dr. Deppe GmbH.

For us, quality means that the promised product characteristics are fulfilled, that the products are developed and manufactured on the agreed dates and that the risks for the end consumer are known and minimized. This applies not only to the properties of the products, but also to the entire customer service, from acquisition, through quotation and production, to delivery and invoicing.

Our employees play a critical role in the success of AEROCHEMICA Dr. Deppe GmbH, alongside our valued customers. It is our commitment to provide a safe and secure work environment where every employee feels a sense of belonging, understands their role and responsibilities, and takes pride in their work.
We strive for continuous quality improvement, involving every member of our team. Our management team serves as a model to inspire and motivate all employees towards this objective. The management establishes the essential conditions and guarantees that every employee lives the quality management system and consciously implements it in their work. Collaboration across all areas of the company is crucial for our operations. All employees, managers, and executives work together as a team to continuously enhance our company’s performance. We create processes aimed at achieving optimal customer benefits. We analyze critical events and develop solutions in coordination with relevant departments. Our objective is to attain maximum customer satisfaction and lower costs while ensuring environmental protection.

Through preventive risk management, we provide our employees and customers with the highest level of safety in the production, distribution, and usage of our products. This is achieved through modern building management in partnership with relevant machinery, equipment, and hygiene standards.
All while striving to conserve scarce resources and lessen our environmental impact as much as possible.

Information for the community

in accordance with § 8a of the 12th BImSchV for our operating area in the “Am Selder” industrial estate.